Making Spirits Bright with LED Strobe Lights

While you deck the halls, we’re still decking out vehicles with LED strobes. If you follow our builds, you might notice that we complete quite a few amber and white strobe light installs. However, we offer many of our LED strobe lights in a variety of colors to fit every need. In light of the upcoming holidays, we’re featuring some of our builds with green, red, white, blue, and purple vehicle strobe lights!

These featured builds display some of our most popular Wicked Warnings products in an assortment of colors. Whether you’re looking for a specific strobe color, ideas for your vehicle lighting project or you’re searching for some holiday gift ideas to keep your loved ones seen and safe, check out the videos below! Most of the products featured are available in our online store.

Ford F-450 Limited Green and White Vehicle Strobe Lights Package

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This video features a green and white vehicle strobe lights package on a new Ford F-450 Limited long bed truck. The front of this truck displays three of our LIN-6 strobe lights in the top grille, the 8-inch LED Grille Kit, and our Wicked Warnings Auto Flasher module flashing the mirror and roof lights. You can also see our Thin-X LIN Series light flashing in a green-white alternating pattern in the side badges.

We’ve added two LED HAW DUO in the LD version in place of the OEM third brake light bulb. Next to the license plate, we’ve added two TIR-3 lights, and we’ve synchronized all of the rear-facing green lights to flash together. We’ve also used our Wicked Warnings Auto Flasher module to strobe the factory reverse lights. This build features our popular flood mode option in the rear. It will steady-burn the white LED HAW DUO, the Thin-X lights in the badges, and the reverse lights when activated. The factory auxiliary switches control all of the strobe lights throughout the truck.

2011 F-350 Red & White Dual Strobe Lights

This build is a bit of a throwback to a truck outfitted with red and white strobe lights. The front of this truck features our TIR-3 in the front step pocket, the LED HAW DUO in the headlights, flush-mounted fusions in the grille, and the Fusion 600 bar mounted behind the grille. 

Along the sides, we’ve added three TIR-3 lights on the step bracket, the Wicked Mirror Mod Kit (now the Auto Flasher module), and flashed the Recon badges. The back features two red LED HAW DUO in the taillights and a TIR-3 on each side of the license plate. This F-350 features a few special-order items. If you would like more details or want to order these parts, please send us an email at

2017 Chevrolet Silverado Blue & White Vehicle Strobe Lights

This 2017 Chevrolet Silverado features a blue and white vehicle strobe lights package. From the front, you can see our LED HAW DUO featured in the fog lights complemented by our white TIR-3 in the grille. The blue and white lights have independent switches, so the driver can choose to run only the white strobes, only the blue lights, or a combination of the two. In the back, we have another blue set of LED HAW DUO in the reverse location, and a white LED HAW DUO within the cargo light. Two 3/4″ Flush Mount Rocker Switches control the strobes throughout the truck.

2020 Ford Expedition featuring Purple & White LIN-6

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This 2020 Ford Expedition features a purple and white strobe lights installation completed by our team at Wicked Warnings. This build is featuring our LIN-6 in purple and white throughout the entire vehicle. We have 4 LIN-6 in the front, 3 LIN-6 on each side, and 4 more LIN-6 mounted in the rear. Our LIN-6 does a great job of spreading the light out at 180-degrees. This vehicle also features the Carson Defender Siren, which we’ve set to use the air horn only. The air horn is available to assist with clearing traffic when needed. A 3/4″ Flush Mount Rocker Switch activates all of the vehicle strobe lights. We’ve also added a momentary push button to sound the air horn.

Be seen, be safe, and Happy Holidays from the team at Wicked Warnings!

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