Featured Builds: Strobe Lights for Plow Trucks

Calling all plows! Are your vehicles ready for this winter? If you need strobe lights for plow trucks, you’re in the right place! We’ve created various warning light solutions for plow trucks, plow equipment trailers, and even a Kubota used for plowing. With this plow season upon us, now is the time to make sure you are seen and safe on the road!

2019 F-250 Strobe Lights for Plow Trucks

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This 2019 F-250 build was completed for a local dealership and features some of our strobe lights for plow trucks. From the front, you can see the Whelen 23″ Permanent Mount Light Bar mounted on the Acari Drill-Free Mount. We mounted our TIR-3 strobe lights for plow trucks right by the lip of the fender. The TIR-3 strobes are used again alongside the taillights, and from the rear, you can also see our LED HAW DUO within the reverse lights. The amber Thin-X TIR series strobe lights mounted in the badge are great for side-view warning. We used the factory upfitter switches to control all of the strobe lights for plow trucks on this build.

Plow Trailer Strobe Lights

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**Please note, there are special-order items shown within this build. For more details about placing a special order, please send us an email at info@wickedwarnings.com.

This custom trailer holds plow machinery and attaches to a snowplow. You can see our Thin-X Strip lights around the outside of the trailer. We installed the 28″ version on the front and back and added three of our 12″ strip light along both sides. We flash the solid colors throughout the entire strip light for a powerful punch of warning light that will keep this driver seen and safe, even from a distance. The Thin-X Strip includes our popular flood mode feature, which adds a ton of usable work light around the outside of this trailer. The Mini-6 control panel activates all of the strobe lights throughout this build. This trailer received a few more upgrades that you can see in the video. The kit link includes the Thin-X Strip lights, control panel, and bulk wire. The rest of the items are special-order or in-shop only customizations.

Custom Kubota Strobe Lights

This Kubota has a snow plow and a spreader, and we’ve added some green and white strobe lights. In the front, you can see two of our Thin-X strobe lights and a 50-inch client-supplied light bar. We mounted the LED warning lights using a custom bracket. We installed another client-supplied 40-inch light bar and set of LED pods in the back. You can also see that we’ve added 2 of our green-white Thin-X LED strobe lights in the rear of this Kubota. You can find the Thin-X in our online store.

Need Help Creating Your Strobe Light Package?

Not sure which strobe lights would look best on your vehicle or will work best for your needs? Check out our vehicle lighting design consultation service. We’ll help you create a package that will work best for you! You can also check out our YouTube Channel to see many of our builds and to get some ideas for your vehicle.

Have Questions?

Please send us an email at info@wickedwarnings.com or send us a message using the form on our contact page.

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