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Be Seen And Be Safe With Vehicle Lighting Installation From Wicked Warnings

If you or your company depends on vehicles for construction, safety, emergency or other civil work, one of your biggest priorities is keeping employees and passersby safe. Fatalities in construction and work zones have steadily declined over the past two decades, due to improvements in safety technology and stricter local and federal laws mandating vehicle lighting while on jobsites. However, remaining compliant and keeping people safe requires in-depth knowledge of the specific safety and emergency lighting systems you need, like emergency vehicle lighting, LED strobe lights for trucks, atomic LED cab lights, hands-free and Bluetooth communication systems, siren and PA systems, and much more.

Wicked Warnings has the experience and expertise you need for bumper-to-bumper vehicle lighting and safety systems.

The Wicked Difference

Locally Owned, Operated, and Proud to Serve - When you choose Wicked Warnings, you will work directly with Owner and Operator George, who has more than 15 years' industry experience. George answers every phone call, meets with every client, and takes tremendous pride in the quality of parts, service, and timeliness of each job. We never settle for less than 100% satisfaction, and you will never feel like your concerns or questions will go unanswered from our team.

Hassle-Free Regulation Compliance - We understand that keeping up with local and federal regulations can be time-consuming - that's why we do it for you. George stays on top of the latest industry trends, technology and most importantly, requirements, so that he can confidently answer your questions and maintain your vehicles with minimal downtime.

Multiple Options for FAST Service - Our average install time for a vehicle warning package is just 3.5 hours, and is often done right at your worksite to eliminate transportation and minimize downtime. Whether you have a new vehicle in your fleet rotation or need a repair or upgrade, we know that time is money and every hour your vehicle is out of commission is a hit to your bottom line. That's why we offer multiple options for service, including our Chicago-area facility, your facility, or your work site. We even offer nationwide travel for consistent, professional installation of our complete line of predesigned products.

Custom, In-House Builds - Have your own mechanic? Visit our online store! We can build your safety lighting LED strobe system in house and mail it to you with simple PDF wire guides that any general mechanic can follow. Need something unique? Just give us a call. We specialize in designing custom vehicle lighting systems and can build them in-house and ship them nationwide for fast, easy installation.

Minimal Damage to Leased Vehicles -  The fear of damaging a leased vehicle results in cheap, unprofessional installation of off-the-shelf products that 1) don't hold up well, 2) don't look professional, and 3) don't produce adequate brightness to keep people safe and meet regulations. Wicked Warnings specializes in discrete packages that minimize or eliminate damage while keeping vehicles looking stock and still able to access garages and car washes.

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Whether you have a single truck or a fleet of hundreds, Wicked Warnings has the extensive experience and highest-quality products you need to create a wicked-safe work environment. Contact us today at 630-361-4390 or email us about your company, fleet and needs at   call us anytime at  1-630-361-4390