Featured Build: Construction Truck Strobe Lights for Fleet

In this featured build, we’re highlighting a construction truck strobe lights upgrade for a set of three Super Duty fleet vehicles. Each of these Super Duty trucks has a different body style. While we did use similar construction truck strobe lights for all three builds, each truck features a slightly different set-up to match the body style.

F-350 Service Body

We completed the 2019 Ford F-350 service body truck first. This truck features a combination of our Razor LED, Thin-X, 2″ Square Cree LED Kit, and the Wicked Warnings Auto Flasher module. In addition to the new products, we’ve also activated the factory amber tail light flashers. Watch the video below to see the construction truck strobe lights in action! If you’d like to re-create this build, click here to view and purchase the entire kit!

F-450 Dump Body

The second truck in this fleet is a Ford F-450 dump body truck. This vehicle features the Razor LED, Thin-X and Auto Flasher module. We’ve also added two of our Raptor LED to the top of the dump body facing the rear. The Raptor is a larger and more robust light that works perfectly in this application. To view and purchase this entire kit, click here.

F-350 with Knapheide walk-in body

The third truck in this fleet is a 2019 Ford F-350 with a Knapheide walk-in body. This truck also features the Razors, Thin-X LEDs and Auto Flasher module. Watch the video to see the warning lights and extreme flood mode at work! The flood switch activates 18 flood lights around the truck. If you’d like more information about this package, click here to view the full kit.

We’ve incorporated our popular flood mode feature into all three of these trucks. Watch the videos to see the flood modes light up our shop! All three vehicles also utilize the factory auxiliary switches to control the new construction truck strobe lights and flood lights.

Purchasing Information

Each truck in this fleet does feature a slightly different package. Please click the links in the descriptions above each video to view or purchase the related kit!

If you have any questions about our Wicked Warnings construction truck strobe lights, fleet design or installation services, please send us an email at info@wickedwarnings.com.

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Be seen & be safe!

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