Are you looking for something to get your one true love for Valentine’s Day? That’s right… We know it’s your vehicle. Has it been asking for something flashy? Something to show off to all your friends or coworkers? We have the perfect idea for you. Our Wicked Slick Stick LED Light Bar has been a customer favorite since we released it last year. Why? We’ll share the top 10 reasons why our customers LOVE the Wicked Slick Stick.

  1. This LED light bar is perfect for both front and rear warning. The Wicked Slick Stick can be mounted in the grille of your truck, along the back window, on the edges of a box truck; The possibilities are endless. This light bar provides an extremely bright punch of warning light when and where you need it most on your vehicle!Wicked Slick Stick in Jeep
  2. Versatile with interior & exterior mounting options. This LED light bar can be mounted on the interior or exterior of your vehicle, depending on the look you’re after and your warning needs. Need extra warning when the hatch is open? Have tinted windows? Not a problem for this light bar.
  3. Our Slick Stick is available in 5 different sizes so you can create a custom look for your vehicle. Choose between 2 heads, 4 heads, 6 heads, 8 heads, 10 heads. Each “head” represents an additional module of the light bar, giving you the flexibility to purchase the light bar size that will best suit your needs and vehicle design. 8 head LED light bar
  4. The Slick Stick is a true Dual-Color LED Light Bar. Every module of the light bar packs 18 LEDs (9 amber LEDs & 9 white LEDs). This allows you to flash the amber warning only, white warning only, or a dual-color amber and white flash pattern.Grille LED light bar
  5. Includes our popular flood mode feature: Need extra light when you’re on-site? Want extra light for loading your truck bed or trailers? The Wicked Slick Stick has you covered with the steady-on flood mode feature. When activated, this feature lights every module of the light bar with a bright punch of white floodlight.
  6. Extremely bright, powerful and effective warning. The Slick Stick meets SAE J595 class 1 Standards, meaning this LED light bar is very effective for warning on the job and capturing the attention of motorists in all safety situations on the road. 2 head LED light bar
  7. Choose from a variety of flash patterns! The Slick Stick has 18 single color flash patterns and 15 dual-color patterns so you can select the pattern that works best for your strobe design and warning needs.
  8. Provides warning for cars, trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, oversized vehicles & everything in between. We’ve used this LED light bar in a variety of our installs. Check out our Wicked Warnings YouTube Channel to see the Wicked Slick Stick in action on our builds!
  9. The Slick Stick features a modern and slick design; That’s how we chose the name! The design is slim, sleek and will complement many different vehicles in a variety of different uses.
  10. Easy to wire and includes hardware for different mounting styles for a simple installation.

Purchasing Information

It’s flashy. It’s bright. Did we mention it’s ON SALE NOW for a limited time? Click here to purchase the 4-head Wicked Slick Stick. Normally $249, now on sale for $200.

If you have any questions about our Wicked Slick Stick, please send us an email at

Be seen & be safe!

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