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Lately, you’ve seen a number of upfitted custom trucks designed and installed by Wicked Warnings from the O’Hare Towing tow truck to snow plows. While the Wicked Warnings team loves to upfit trucks, that isn’t our only area of expertise. Wicked Warnings also specializes in customizing Jeeps for both personal and professional use. In the following page, we have decided to highlight three recent custom Jeeps we have upfitted for different professional uses. Check out the Wicked Warnings products we used and their purpose below.


Custom Jeep #1: Wrangler for USPS

Can we begin by pointing out how awesome the Gecko Green color is on this Wrangler? Used to deliver mail for the United States Postal Service, this vehicle needed to be upfitted with the proper safety lighting for use on the job. First, pair of amber TIR-3 units was placed inside the slotted grille. We also added white LED HAW DUO in the factory parking lights. The LED HAW DUOs still function when the parking light is engaged.

Next, in the rear of the vehicle, we installed the same products for a cohesive look. A pair of both TIR-3s and LED HAW DUOs was strategically placed for a damage free installation.

Custom Jeep #2: Grand Cherokee for Fire Department

This build was completed on-site for a local fire department that needed a custom emergency lighting package. In the front windshield, we installed a blue dash bar that will be used for responding to emergencies. Next, the Wicked Warnings team installed a red and white combination bar synced with Phoenix lighting in the grille for responding with the fire department.

Next up, the rear of the vehicle features a simplistic design with red and white alternating LED HAW DUOs. This build also included our undercover siren with three different alert patterns controlled by a single button.

Custom Jeep #3: Grand Cherokee for Construction

A local construction company came to us with a fantastic 2018 Grand Cherokee that needed to be upfitted with amber lighting for jobsite safety. In the grille, we mounted our LED HAW DUO with a damage-free install. The LED lighting was  installed using only two small screws, and can be removed at any time.

In the rear of the vehicle, we placed amber LED HAW DUOs in the outer lenses of the taillamps. The LED safety lighting is controlled using our rocker switch, which was seamlessly installed next to the OEM headlight switch.

Click here to view or purchase this parts kit.

Do you have a Jeep you want customized for personal or professional use? Contact us at for more information! As always, all of the products used on our builds are available through our online store.

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Video Demonstration of Wire Swap Installation for Auto Flasher Kits - Molex Connector Pin Removal & Replacement

What are the Wicked Auto Flasher Kits & how do they work?

Wicked Warnings has been around since 2005 with stellar references and we have been using our WAF (Wicked Auto Flasher) module since early 2016 with zero reported vehicle failures. There is no known risk to using any factory lighting as flashers that we are aware of. Of course, all your factory lights will always revert to factory function when the strobes are not being used.

Many of our builds feature a combination of factory lighting as well as purpose-built emergency lights to create a more effective display, so we urge you to consider more than just factory strobe lighting on your build. We have many options available to supplement the factory lighting.

How does the Auto Flasher connect to my truck anyway?

We have 3 connection methods used in our WAF (Wicked Auto Flasher) kits. The way that we manipulate the factory lighting is through the wires. We DO NOT reprogram any of the computers. Everything we do is easily reversible, and any number of individual kits can be combined onto a single switch if desired. There is no single kit to flash all factory lights, as we must retain circuit individuality. The following three methods are used to interface with the factory wires.

  • Wire Cut: In certain lights, like the white cargo light by the third brake, the only way is to cut a single wire (at this time). We understand that some people are uncomfortable cutting wires and we are working hard to offer “cut-free” solutions as fast as we can. This is how some of the current website kits are sold. Sometimes, this is the only option to achieve the desired display.
  • Wire Swap NO CUT: This is by far our favorite solution and how most of the new generation kits will be made if possible. Wire Swap is how ALL the Headlight and Taillight kits are going to be made for the FORD and many GM trucks. We are working to update the current website options to this new “wire swap” kit and will continue noting any changes on the product online as they happen. It really is just as easy as swapping a wire. Again, the kits will have notes in the description stating which version they are. Click here to watch a video showing the Wire Swap method.
  • (NEW & COMING SOON) Plug N Play Extensions: Plug N Play extensions can be purchased for an extra cost. Please bear with us as these are all handmade and fairly difficult to source parts for. We have some availability and are waiting on some parts for others.

We hope this helps to answer any questions about our Auto Flasher Kits and hope you enjoy these products!


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