Feature Build: Fully-Loaded Pickup Truck

Have you ever wondered what a truck fully-loaded with LED strobe lights looks like? Well, you’re about to find out. Our most-watched video from our YouTube channel features a 2016 Ford F-350 PLATINUM, loaded with our most popular Wicked Warnings products. With over 47K views, this build has been the inspiration for many of our clients. Check out this fully-loaded Ford pickup truck in the following blog.

Fully-Loaded Pickup Truck: The Build

First, the 2016 Ford F-350 comes equipped with factory auxiliary switches inside the cabin. We used the factory switches to easily wire the custom LED strobe lighting. On auxiliary 4, we installed white LED HAW DUOs, inside the parking bucket of the headlights. This particular truck will be used for plowing, and the LED HAW DUO reflects off of the plow blade for an incredibly bright and noticeable strobe light.

Auxiliary switch 3 really kicks it up a notch. In the front bumper, we installed a pair of TIR-3 strobe lights in the fog pockets. On the side step bars, we also used amber and white LIN-4 strobe lights. Also, the side view mirrors have been upfitted with our brand-exclusive Wicked Mirror Mod kit.


In the rear of the Ford F-350 fully-loaded pickup truck, we installed bright white strobes that will increase visibility for when this rig is on the side of a busy highway. We used two sets of LED HAW DUOs in white, two are in the reverse lights, and two in the cargo lights. Additionally, a pair of TIR-3’s was placed on the bumper. These LED strobe lights paired together are extremely bright, and their identical aggressive flash pattern makes them visible from over a mile away.

Do you want a Fully-Loaded Pickup Truck?

Every LED strobe light you see in the video can be found in our online store. The Wicked Warnings team can handle any custom build projects, whether you are looking for personal or professional applications. Check out our most-watched YouTube video that features this 2016 Ford F-350 to see our products in action below. Click here to view or purchase this kit.

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