Are you looking to upgrade your vehicle with LED safety lighting, but unsure which Wicked Warnings products will work best for your needs? Check out our top three best selling products from our online store to learn more about what each has to offer. We’ve also included a limited-time offer for our best-selling product, so continue reading to find out more!


Top Product #3: LIN-6

The LIN-6 is extremely bright from all angles making it useful for side lighting on any vehicle. The small size of the unit features six LEDs and can fit nearly anywhere on your vehicle. There are 30 flash patterns available, and we regularly stock split amber and white, or all amber, white, or red. Check out our demo video:










 Top Product #2: TIR-3

Our second-best selling product is the TIR-3. A sister product of the LIN-6, this unit features three extremely bright LEDs with a fluted lens to spread light off axis. Synchronize up to eight of these units together, with strobe or steady on modes. The TIR-3 is one of our most versatile products, so check out the demo video to learn more:










Top Product #1: LED HAW DUO

Last but certainly not least, we have our all-time best selling product, the LED HAW DUO. This kit comes with two LED strobe lights that can be placed inside factory lens locations like taillamps, cargo lamps, or mounted into the bumper or upper body of your vehicle. These lights are extremely bright, available in five different solid colors for full customization. You can also synchronize the LED HAW DUO with a variety of our other Wicked Warnings products. For a limited time only, you can use the offer code LEDHAWDUO for $10 off this item! Head to our online store now to make your purchase. Check out our demo video below: 

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