Ford F-350 Emergency Warning Lights Install

For this month’s blog, we’re featuring an emergency warning lights upgrade on a new Ford F-350.

DID SOMEONE SAY FLOOD MODE?? The customer requested a custom feature for this build and every single light on this truck will flood when one switch is activated! Watch the video to see the flood mode on this truck light up our entire shop!

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Front Emergency Warning Lights

In the front of this truck, we flashed the factory headlight C-rings and fog lights using our all-new Wicked Warnings Auto Flasher module. We also included a pair of our TIR-3 emergency warning lights within the fog light pockets and our new Razor LED strobe light in the top of the grille.

Side View Emergency Lights

Along the sides of this truck, we flashed the mirror lights using our Wicked Warnings Mirror Mod Kit powered by the Auto Flasher. In the F-350 badges, we’ve added our Thin-X LIN series emergency warning lights in amber-clear. Our TIR-3 lights are used in both the front fog light pockets and the rear taillight bezel for side warning.

Rear Warning Lights

In the back of this truck, we used our Wicked Warnings Auto Flasher to strobe the factory OEM cargo light and the OEM reverse lights. The Auto Flasher is a wire-in module that can be used to turn many factory vehicle lights into strobe emergency warning lights. The factory cargo light and reverse light functionality remains intact, even with the Auto Flasher installed. Finally, you can see that we’ve added a pair of our 12″ Thin-X Strip Lights mounted underneath the tailgate for additional rear warning.

The mirror lights, C-rings, fog lights, TIR-3’s, Razor’s, badge lights, cargo light, Thin-X Strip lights, and reverse lights will all flood with the flip of a switch. Many of our Wicked Warnings products include the popular flood light feature. This feature provides usable work light when needed.

Links to the individual emergency warning lights used in this build are included below. You can also purchase this entire package as a kit. If you have questions about the emergency warning lights used in this build, please send us an email at or send us a message using a contact form on our website. Be Seen & Be Safe!

Purchase this entire kit:×3421,4×355,3985,4021,2×368,3992,3990,2×3048,2×1219

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