In this featured build, we’re showing an install of brand-new work lights and safety strobe lights. This custom build was completed on an enclosed trailer that will be used for snow removal.

Around the entire outside of the trailer, we used our Thin-X Strip safety strobe lights. We’ve installed the 28″ version on the front and back and added 3 of our newly released 12″ version along both sides.

Our Thin-X Strip safety strobe lights also include our popular flood mode feature. Watch the video to see the flood mode light up our entire shop! The flood mode on the Thin-X Strip creates a great amount of usable work light around the outside of this trailer.

In the warning mode, we chose to reverse the strobe colors in a synchronized pattern along both sides of the trailer. The front and back Thin-X Strips are also set to a different flash pattern for added light movement. We chose to flash the solid warning colors throughout the entire Strip light as well. This creates a powerful flash of light that will warn long distances away from this trailer.

The Thin-X Strip safety strobe light is a Wicked Warnings EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT. We are controlling all of the exterior safety strobe lights and flood lighting with our Mini 6-Switch control panel. The control panel is installed on the interior of the trailer. Additionally, the control panel allows for independent control of the safety strobe lights on every side of the trailer.

Custom Features & Special Order Products

For this build, we’ve also added a few special-order items for convenience. However, the following items are not included within the kit. We’ve added a battery box with a battery and 2-amp trickle charger to the tongue of the trailer for powering the safety strobe lights. While the owner is working to plow a street or parking lot, this trailer can be disconnected from the plow and will continue flashing the safety strobe lights or running the flood lights. Furthermore, the trickle charger will allow the owner to charge the trailer battery from the tow vehicle or plug it in overnight to recharge the battery.

On the inside of the trailer, we’ve Line-X’d the bottom half and added E-track & tie downs for the snow machines. We’ve also installed additional strip lights down both sides for a bright interior work space. THESE ITEMS ARE SPECIAL ORDER AS WELL AND ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE KIT.

For your custom safety strobe lights, design or install, call Wicked Warnings at 630-361-4390, email us at, or send us a message from a contact form on our site. Be seen and be safe!

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