Amber Strobe Lights for Trucks at Wicked Warnings

Amber LED strobe lights are popular among emergency vehicles, and it is common to see them on tow trucks, construction vehicles, public works vehicles, snow plows, roadside assistance vehicles, and more! Amber strobe lights for trucks can come in all different shapes and sizes, offering endless options to create your perfect safety lighting package. Whether you’re looking to install amber strobe lights yourself or need a professional installer, you’ve come to the right place.

Wicked Warnings has various amber strobe lights for trucks available in our online store. We also offer professional strobe light installation services at our shop. For more information about our location, visit our contact page here.

What are amber strobe lights used for?

Certain vehicles use amber strobe lights to indicate a hazard or emergency and to warn surrounding motorists to use caution. Amber strobe lights are visible and effective in all weather conditions, even direct sunlight, which makes them a popular option.

Popular Amber Strobe Lights at Wicked Warnings

Wicked Warnings offers many amber strobe lights for trucks, including hideaways, flush-mount strobe lights, damage-free strobes, and more! See some of our most popular amber strobe light products below.

Amber Hideaway Strobe Lights

The LED HAW DUO is one of our best-selling strobe light products. This practical and convenient kit is available in amber or a custom mix of amber-white. The LED HAW DUO maximizes brightness while allowing use inside factory lens locations such as cargo lights and taillamps or back-mounted into a vehicle’s bumper or body.

Our ECO HAW is the economy version of the LED HAW DUO. This hideaway set is available in all-amber and features new flash patterns!

Both hideaway sets are 100% waterproof, use an industry standard 1″ hole, include the “steady on” flood mode feature, and are available in a High Dome (HD) or Low Dome (LD) option.

Flush-Mount Amber Strobe Lights for Trucks

The LIN-6 LED strobe light is exceptionally bright from all angles and is effective for front, rear, or side-view warning around your vehicle. This light features 30 flash patterns, the steady burn flood mode option, and a simple 5-wire connection for installation. The LIN-6 is available in all amber, and you could also upgrade to the LIN-8 for amber-white warning!

The Thin-X strobe light is versatile and slim enough to fit nearly anywhere on your vehicle. This strobe contains 12 LEDs and linear optics to provide consistent and bright light output. It also includes the white flood mode option.

The Razor LED strobe light packs 18 LEDs within an ultra-slim case. The Razor features many flash patterns, and you can synchronize up to 8 Razor strobes together! You also have the option to flash all-amber, all-white, or a combination of amber and white, along with the flood mode option.

Last but not least, our Raptor LED strobe light is the perfect amber strobe light for larger trucks and vehicles such as dump trucks or flatbeds. This large and durable light features 24 LEDs, a stainless steel outer bezel for added impact resistance, and a rounded lens that spreads the light 180 degrees. The Raptor is also a dual-color strobe light, so you can flash an amber pattern, a white pattern, or an amber-white pattern.

Damage-Free Amber Strobe Lights

One of our favorite ways to install amber strobe lights for trucks is using the Whelen Mini LED Bar with an Acari Drill-Free Mounting Platform. The Whelen Mini Bar is all-amber and is available in 16″ or 23″ sizes. We often use the permanent mount version on the Acari Drill-Free Mount for a seamless, effective, and damage-free installation on Ford, Dodge, Chevy, or GMC trucks.

Our LED Windshield Light is a convenient, portable, and damage-free kit that allows you to mount amber LED strobe lights in your front or rear windshield. This dash light is available with one (single) or two (dual) light heads and installs in seconds with a convenient cig cord and suction cup mount. It’s perfect for any truck, car, or SUV!

Amber LED Light Bars

The Wicked Stick LED Light Bar is available in amber-white though it is a dual-color light bar, so you can choose to flash all amber, all white, or a combination of amber-white. This light bar is available in 5 sizes, allowing for many mounting options. It also includes our flood mode feature!

You could also opt for a 6-Head or 8-Head Arrow & Warning Stick amber light bar from our online store. These amber light bars are part of the Feniex Fusion-S series line, are incredibly bright, feature various options for customization, and include arrow stick patterns.

Recent Builds Featuring Amber Strobe Lights for Trucks

Below are some of our recent builds featuring amber strobe lights for trucks! If you’re looking for something a little different for your vehicle, please remember to visit our YouTube Channel or the Videos page on our website. We film many of our builds so you can see our strobe lights in action on different types of vehicles.

2022 Silverado 3500 HD Cab & Chassis Dually Truck Amber Strobe Lights

This 2022 Silverado 3500 HD Dually with a Knapheide 11′ Service Body features an amber strobe lights kit by Wicked Warnings. The front of this truck features two amber LIN-6 strobe lights within the grille, which were mounted using our LIN-6 90 Degree brackets. You can also see the 16″ permanent mount Whelen Mini Bar mounted on an Acari Drill-Free Mounting Platform. The truck’s sides feature a 3″ mpower in amber along the top of the service body. In the rear of the truck, we added a pair of Baja S1 lights to illuminate the bed of the service body. We also strobed the rear amber Knapheide lights and installed four 12″ Task LED lights within each toolbox.

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2021 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Emergency Lights

This 2021 GMC Sierra 2500 HD features amber-white emergency lights installed by Wicked Warnings. The truck’s front displays four amber-white Razor emergency lights within the grille. We also installed seven different Auto Flasher Kits to strobe the factory LED lights throughout this truck. Our Auto Flasher Kits strobe the factory cab clearance lights, headlight DRLs, forward-facing white mirror lights, fender lights, rear-facing white mirror lights, reverse lights, and cargo lights. The truck’s rear also features two LIN-6 amber strobe lights mounted in the step pockets and two amber windshield lights mounted within the rear window.

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2022 F-550 Cab & Chassis Bucket Truck Amber Construction Lights

This 2022 Super Duty F-550 Cab & Chassis Bucket Truck features amber strobe lights installed by Wicked Warnings.

We installed two 3″ mpower amber strobe lights in the front grille. You can also see four 16″ Whelen Permanent Mount Mini Light Bars and a Thin-X amber strobe light within each side badge. We also added some clearance lights along the top of the box. However, the clearance lights are a special-order item and are not included in this kit.

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Have questions about our amber strobe lights for trucks?

If you have questions about our builds or any of our safety lighting products, please send us an email at

Be seen & be safe!

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Video Demonstration of Wire Swap Installation for Auto Flasher Kits - Molex Connector Pin Removal & Replacement

What are the Wicked Auto Flasher Kits & how do they work?

Wicked Warnings has been around since 2005 with stellar references and we have been using our WAF (Wicked Auto Flasher) module since early 2016 with zero reported vehicle failures. There is no known risk to using any factory lighting as flashers that we are aware of. Of course, all your factory lights will always revert to factory function when the strobes are not being used.

Many of our builds feature a combination of factory lighting as well as purpose-built emergency lights to create a more effective display, so we urge you to consider more than just factory strobe lighting on your build. We have many options available to supplement the factory lighting.

How does the Auto Flasher connect to my truck anyway?

We have 3 connection methods used in our WAF (Wicked Auto Flasher) kits. The way that we manipulate the factory lighting is through the wires. We DO NOT reprogram any of the computers. Everything we do is easily reversible, and any number of individual kits can be combined onto a single switch if desired. There is no single kit to flash all factory lights, as we must retain circuit individuality. The following three methods are used to interface with the factory wires.

  • Wire Cut: In certain lights, like the white cargo light by the third brake, the only way is to cut a single wire (at this time). We understand that some people are uncomfortable cutting wires and we are working hard to offer “cut-free” solutions as fast as we can. This is how some of the current website kits are sold. Sometimes, this is the only option to achieve the desired display.
  • Wire Swap NO CUT: This is by far our favorite solution and how most of the new generation kits will be made if possible. Wire Swap is how ALL the Headlight and Taillight kits are going to be made for the FORD and many GM trucks. We are working to update the current website options to this new “wire swap” kit and will continue noting any changes on the product online as they happen. It really is just as easy as swapping a wire. Again, the kits will have notes in the description stating which version they are. Click here to watch a video showing the Wire Swap method.
  • (NEW & COMING SOON) Plug N Play Extensions: Plug N Play extensions can be purchased for an extra cost. Please bear with us as these are all handmade and fairly difficult to source parts for. We have some availability and are waiting on some parts for others.

We hope this helps to answer any questions about our Auto Flasher Kits and hope you enjoy these products!


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