How to Choose the Best Hideaway Strobe Lights

Hideaway strobe lights are compact and discreet warning lights designed to hide within the existing lenses of emergency vehicles, such as the headlights and taillights. Hideaways can be concealed within the vehicle’s body and when activated, these lights emit intense bursts of bright, flashing light to provide a warning signal. Their hidden placement allows emergency vehicles to maintain a sleek and professional appearance during non-emergency situations while providing powerful warning capability when needed. The compact size and versatile installation options make hideaway strobe lights a popular choice for various types of emergency vehicles, offering a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

With so many options available, it can be daunting to find the best hideaway strobe lights for your vehicle and needs. Keep reading to learn how to choose the best hideaway strobe lights for your vehicle! This post also includes more information about our Wicked Warnings hideaway strobe lights, some tech tip videos about how to install our hideaways, and some of our builds displaying hideaway strobes in action.

What to Consider When Searching for the Best LED Hideaway Strobe Lights for Emergency Vehicles

LED hideaway strobe lights have become increasingly popular when equipping emergency vehicles with effective warning lights. These compact and versatile lights offer a range of benefits, making them a preferred choice for emergency vehicles. If you’re in the market for LED hideaway strobe lights, there are a few key factors to consider to choose the best hideaways for your specific needs.

First, it’s crucial to assess the brightness and visibility of the strobe lights. Look for lights that can produce a bright and attention-grabbing light output. The lights should be visible from a distance, even in adverse weather conditions. Also, consider the flash patterns and synchronization capabilities of the lights. The ability to synchronize multiple lights can enhance their effectiveness and improve visibility on the road.

Another crucial factor to consider is the durability and weather resistance of the hideaway strobe lights. Emergency vehicles operate in challenging environments, so selecting lights that can withstand exposure to elements like rain, snow, and extreme temperatures is essential.

Ease of installation and versatility are also important considerations. LED hideaway strobe lights should be relatively easy to install and integrate into your vehicle’s electrical system. They should offer flexible mounting options to accommodate different vehicle models and configurations. Some lights come with multiple mounting options, allowing you to choose the most suitable placement for optimal visibility.

Wicked Warnings Hideaways

Wicked Warnings offers two different hideaway strobe light kits, our LED HAW DUO and our ECO HAW. Learn more about these hideaways below!

LED HAW DUO Hideaway Strobe Light Kit

Our LED HAW DUO, a best-selling hideaway strobe light kit, features a set of 2 hideaway lights on each HAW DUO. This convenient kit can add strobe lights inside a factory lens location. For example, you can add them inside of your tail light lens or cargo light lens. You can also back-mount this hideaway within your vehicle’s bumper or body.

We also offer the LED HAW DUO hideaway strobe light in two versions – Low Dome and High Dome. The High Dome (HD) and Low Dome (LD) versions refer to the lens size. The Low Dome is the most universal, as the lens is shorter and can fit within smaller locations, and the High Dome offers a taller lens to use in areas where you have extra room.

More LED HAW DUO Highlights:

  • Includes 29 flash patterns
  • Available in 5 solid color options
  • Features a simple 5-wire hookup
  • You can synchronize it with our TIR-3 and LIN-6 lights
  • The power wire length is 48″, then one light has 36,” and the other has 96″ of wire
  • 100% waterproof; A waterproof connection on each light for easy maintenance.
  • Industry-standard 1-in. hole
  • Wicked Warnings 2-year Warranty
We also offer surface mounting flanges (sold separately) to secure the LED HAW DUO where you desire. The mounting flanges are available in a black or silver 2-pack.

ECO HAW Hideaway Strobe Light Kit

The ECO HAW hideaway strobe light is the economy version of the LED HAW DUO. The hideaways are similar, but the ECO HAW includes 6 LEDs vs. the 9 LEDs in the original HAW DUO. The ECO HAW is available in amber or white and in either a high or low dome option. The High Dome and Low Dome versions refer to the lens size. The High Dome has a taller lens so that you can use it in locations with extra room. The Low Dome version is most universally used as the lens is shorter and can fit within smaller areas.

More ECO HAW Highlights:

  • 19 flash patterns
  • Simple four-wire hookup
  • The power wire length is 48″, then one light has 36″, and the other has 96″ of wire
  • 100% Waterproof; A waterproof connection on each light for easy maintenance
  • Industry-standard 1-in. hole
  • Brightest next-generation LEDs
  • Steady ON feature included
  • Mounting flanges included with LD version
  • Wicked Warnings 2-year Warranty
  • These lights are a SET; You get two lights on each HAW ordered.

Benefits of Hideaway Strobe Lights

Now, let’s dive into the benefits of installing hideaway strobe lights on emergency vehicles. Hideaways offer a discreet design, allowing them to be installed in inconspicuous locations, such as the headlight or taillight housings, while providing a powerful warning signal when activated. This stealthy approach helps emergency vehicles maintain a professional appearance during non-emergency situations.

Furthermore, hideaway strobe lights offer excellent versatility. Their compact size and concealed placement options suit many vehicles, including police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, and construction vehicles. Hideaway strobe lights provide exceptional visibility due to their intense brightness and wide-angle coverage. They can quickly attract attention from pedestrians and other drivers, effectively alerting them to the presence of an emergency vehicle and prompting them to give way.

Lastly, LED hideaway strobe lights have long lifespans, consume minimal power, and are highly energy-efficient. This makes them a cost-effective choice, as they require less maintenance and have a lower impact on the vehicle’s electrical system. The benefits make hideaways an ideal choice for equipping emergency vehicles and ensuring the safety of responders and the public.

How to Install Hideaways

Our Wicked Warnings YouTube Channel has several DIY install videos displaying how to install hideaway strobe lights. See some of the videos below!

2021 Ford Escape Tech Tip: Hideaway Installation in Outer Reverse Lens

This install shows how we mounted the hideaway strobe lights within the outer lenses of the reverse housing on a 2021 Ford Escape. We used our ECO HAW High Dome for this build, though you could use a Low Dome or High Dome ECO HAW or LED HAW DUO.

2021 GMC Canyon - Installing Hideaway Lights in the Cargo Light & Reverse Lens

This video shows how to install hideaway strobe lights in the cargo and reverse lenses of a 2021 GMC Canyon truck. For this installation, you can use the Low Dome version of the LED HAW DUO or ECO HAW.

New Chevy Pickups: How to Install a Hideaway in the Reverse Lens

In this DIY tech tip video, we display how to install hideaways in the reverse lenses of new Chevrolet pickup trucks. Our LED HAW DUO Low Dome will fit perfectly in the reverse lens mounting location.

2022 Ford Explorer Tail Light Removal & Hideaway Strobe Lights Install

This demonstration will show you how to remove the tail lights and install hideaway strobe lights on a 2022 Ford Explorer.

For more information about how to install hideaway strobe lights, please visit our YouTube Channel DIY Install Playlist, or our manuals page. If you have any questions, please email us at

Builds Featuring Hideaway Strobe Lights

Hideaways are extremely versatile and we use them in many of our builds! Sometimes we use multiple hideaways and other times we use them in addition to other surface-mount strobe lights. See some builds featuring hideaway strobe lights below and check out our YouTube Channel to see more examples of hideaways in action.

2019 Ford Transit Van 3" mpowers and Hideaway Emergency Lights

This 2019 Ford Transit Van features 3″ mpower strobe lights and hideaways. We mounted four 3″ mpower strobe lights within the grille. The mpower strobes are in the quick mount configuration, and we used the 3m adhesion promoter to ensure a secure mount. The rear of this van features one red and one amber set of our LED HAW DUO hideaway emergency lights. Both hideaway sets are the Low Dome version. A 3/4″ flush mount rocker switch controls all the mpower and hideaway strobe lights throughout the van.

2022 Chevy Silverado Work Truck with Hideaway Strobe Lights & SoundOff mpower

This 2022 Chevy Silverado work truck features our hideaway strobe lights and the SoundOff 3″ mpower strobes. We mounted two 3″ mpower strobe lights within the grille and set them to flash the amber-white intercycle pattern. In the back of this truck, we installed our amber LED HAW DUO in the low dome version within the cargo light and reverse lenses. A 3/4″ Flush Mount Rocker Switch within the dashboard controls the 3″ mpower and hideaway lights throughout the truck.

Products Featured:

GMC Canyon - 10 Hideaway Strobe Kit by Wicked Warnings

This GMC Canyon features a 10 hideaway strobe kit (5 sets of hideaways total). We used a combination of our High Dome and Low Dome LED HAW DUO hideaway strobe lights throughout the truck and our black mounting flanges.

The front of this truck features three sets of our LED HAW DUO in the LD version. There are two sets of the hideaway strobe in amber and 1 set in white. All three of the hideaways are synchronized. We used our black mounting flange to mount the LED HAW DUO hideaway strobes into the fog light bezel.

The back of this truck displays our LED HAW DUO in the high dome version. We used two white sets of our hideaway strobe; One in the cargo and one in the reverse lenses. A 3/4″ Flush Mount Rocker Switch controls this hideaway strobe kit.

Products Featured:

Have Questions About Our Hideaway LED Strobe Lights?

Hideaway strobe lights are an excellent choice for adding warning to your emergency vehicle. Remember to check out our YouTube Channel to see our other DIY install videos and more examples of hideaways installed on different vehicles. If you have any questions about our hideaway strobes, please email us at

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Video Demonstration of Wire Swap Installation for Auto Flasher Kits - Molex Connector Pin Removal & Replacement

What are the Wicked Auto Flasher Kits & how do they work?

Wicked Warnings has been around since 2005 with stellar references and we have been using our WAF (Wicked Auto Flasher) module since early 2016 with zero reported vehicle failures. There is no known risk to using any factory lighting as flashers that we are aware of. Of course, all your factory lights will always revert to factory function when the strobes are not being used.

Many of our builds feature a combination of factory lighting as well as purpose-built emergency lights to create a more effective display, so we urge you to consider more than just factory strobe lighting on your build. We have many options available to supplement the factory lighting.

How does the Auto Flasher connect to my truck anyway?

We have 3 connection methods used in our WAF (Wicked Auto Flasher) kits. The way that we manipulate the factory lighting is through the wires. We DO NOT reprogram any of the computers. Everything we do is easily reversible, and any number of individual kits can be combined onto a single switch if desired. There is no single kit to flash all factory lights, as we must retain circuit individuality. The following three methods are used to interface with the factory wires.

  • Wire Cut: In certain lights, like the white cargo light by the third brake, the only way is to cut a single wire (at this time). We understand that some people are uncomfortable cutting wires and we are working hard to offer “cut-free” solutions as fast as we can. This is how some of the current website kits are sold. Sometimes, this is the only option to achieve the desired display.
  • Wire Swap NO CUT: This is by far our favorite solution and how most of the new generation kits will be made if possible. Wire Swap is how ALL the Headlight and Taillight kits are going to be made for the FORD and many GM trucks. We are working to update the current website options to this new “wire swap” kit and will continue noting any changes on the product online as they happen. It really is just as easy as swapping a wire. Again, the kits will have notes in the description stating which version they are. Click here to watch a video showing the Wire Swap method.
  • (NEW & COMING SOON) Plug N Play Extensions: Plug N Play extensions can be purchased for an extra cost. Please bear with us as these are all handmade and fairly difficult to source parts for. We have some availability and are waiting on some parts for others.

We hope this helps to answer any questions about our Auto Flasher Kits and hope you enjoy these products!


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