Welcome back to our Wicked Warnings blog, where we will be profiling a build we did on a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee emergency vehicle. This SUV received a custom blue and white package, a great option for vehicles used for public safety and emergency management. Take a look at how we upfitted this Grand Cherokee below.

Blue and White Package: Front Fascia

Inside the windshield, we installed an interior light bar in blue and white with 180-degree optics. The light bar comes with a flood mode as well as selectable flash patterns. This item is custom order only, so if you are interested in having an interior light bar ordered and installed, email us at info@wickedwarnings.com.

Behind the grille, we have our exclusive THIN-X LIN series in blue and white strobe and set to alternate. In the side windows, we installed another LIN THIN-X in blue and white. We set these to a more aggressive strobe pattern for increased visibility on the side of the SUV for passing cars or pedestrians.

Blue and White Package: Rear Fascia

In the rear of the Grand Cherokee, we installed some additional special order items, all of which you can order by emailing info@wickedwarnings.com. In the rear window, we installed a special order Phoenix Fusion 600 with 40-degree optic light bar in all blue. This light bar has selectable patterns, and we installed it on the inside of the Grand Cherokee so the tailgate can be opened without interfering with the safety lighting.

Phoenix Cannon two-color hide away LED lights in blue and white, also a special order item, have been installed inside each reverse lamp. The pattern of these strobes has been set to match the grille lights. This vehicle is present at road closures and deals with public safety and emergency management, so the rear light pattern has been set slightly slower and less aggressive to accommodate the client’s needs.


Blue and White Package: Controls

All of the safety lighting installed on this 2018 Grand Cherokee is controlled using our Mini-6 controller, which you can find in our online store. This compact controller can be installed nearly anywhere inside the cabin to suit your exact needs.

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