LIN-4 vs. LIN-6: What’s the Difference

You probably have noticed one of the newest items in our online store, the LIN-6 LED. What you may not know is the LIN-6 is the big brother to the LIN-4, a previously popular Wicked Warnings exclusive. If you are wondering what the differences are between the LIN-6 and LIN-4, continue reading below to find out which LED strobe light you should order today!

LIN-4 vs. LIN-6: Similarities

Both the LIN-4 and LIN-6 are compact units, both 4-in. wide, perfect to fit nearly anywhere you need a warning signal. You can synchronize multiple lights, change flash patterns, or opt for the steady on feature. However, the similarities end there. The LIN-6 is the next-generation LED safety light from Wicked Warnings you need to increase safety and visibility. Check out the differences between the LIN-4 and LIN-6 below.

LIN-4 vs. LIN-6: Differences

If your vehicle has been upfitted with our LIN-4 in the past, you have to bring your rig in to upgrade to the superior LIN-6. The LIN-6 adds two additional LEDs without increasing the size of the unit. This means the LIN-6 is brighter and more visible than ever before. If you thought the LIN-4 was bright, then you should check out the LIN-6, which is over 33% brighter. Key features for the LIN-6 include:

  • 30 flash patterns
  • Simple 5 wire hookup
  • 100% waterproof
  • SAE rated 3 watt LEDs
  • L 5 1/16″ x H 7/8″ x D 11/16 “
  • Steady ON feature included

Do you want to upgrade to the LIN-6 from Wicked Warnings? Purchase your LIN-6 units from our online store, and then let us install them for you! Contact us at Check out our hands-on YouTube video below, and be sure to subscribe to our channel for the latest updates!

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