In this build, we’ve installed new custom truck lights on a brand-new Ford F-250 Super Duty. This truck has a higher trim line with LED headlights and taillights and this vehicle is used as a plow truck. Watch the video below to see the new custom truck lights in action warning 360-degrees around the vehicle.

Front Custom Truck Lights

From the front, the first light that you will notice is the 23″ Whelen Mini LED Bar on the roof. We mounted the LED bar using an Acari Mount in the steel version. We chose the steel version of the Acari Mount for a stronger and tighter installation of the 23″ Whelen Mini LED Bar. This mount allows for a damage-free installation and seals to the roof with the OEM third brake light attaching back to the Acari Mount. You can also see our LIN-6 in the top of the grille and within the fog light bezel. We mounted the LIN-6’s as closely as possible to the front of the fog light bezel for full 180-degree warning in the front.

Side and Rear Warning Lights

Along the sides of the truck, we used our Mirror Mod Kit featuring the Wicked Warnings Auto Flasher to flash the mirror lights. We also utilized our Thin-X TIR series truck lights in the badges for additional side warning. In the back of this truck, we utilized our LIN-6 lights again under the tail light as well as the Thin-X TIR series under the tailgate.

This is one of our favorite installations of custom truck lights and this set-up is perfect for any plow truck! The custom truck lights featured in this video are linked below.

For your custom truck lights, design or install, send us an email at, call us at 630-361-4390 or send us a message using a contact form on our website. Be seen and be safe!

To replicate this build, purchase the entire kit here:,2300,4×364,6×1488,1207,1201

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