Auto Flasher Module (WAF) Factory Light Flasher

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What is the Wicked Warnings Auto Flasher module?

Have you ever wondered how to flash your factory truck lights to turn them into warning or emergency lights? Our Auto Flasher module is the perfect solution. The Wicked Warnings Auto Flasher (WAF) module is a wire-in factory light flasher. The module integrates with your factory lighting and allows you to make factory truck lights strobe.

The module runs on the positive side of a 12-volt electrical system. It lets you isolate and interrupt the factory lighting so you can apply a flash pattern. You can choose from 29 possible flash patterns!

Auto Flasher product highlights:

  • Wire-in module
  • Retains factory light function when flasher is not in use
  • 29 available flash patterns
  • Many different applications and we add new versions regularly
  • “Steady-on” feature for flood and scene lighting
  • Easy installation

How to Install

We’ve separated the Auto Flasher into two sides for convenience. One side of the module features all of the control wires, including:

  • Red wire – Power for flashing
  • White wire – Power for flood
  • Blue wire – Flash pattern adjustment
  • Yellow wire – Synchronization between flashers
  • Black wire – Ground

On the opposite side of the module, there are two channels of input and output. We’ve also created extension cables with color-matched wires to extend from the Auto Flasher to the factory lights that you would like to flash.

The Auto Flasher is a Wicked Warnings exclusive product. You can purchase the module from our online store or our shop in Naperville, IL.

What can you do with the Auto Flasher module?

This factory light flasher module features many different applications, and we’re consistently working on adding more! Currently, the following versions are available for purchase on our website.

  • Amber Mirror Lights
  • Cab Clearance Lights
  • Cargo Lights / Third Brake Lights
  • Fender Lights
  • Fog Lights
  • Forward-Facing Mirror Lights
  • Headlight C-Rings
  • Naked (Wire to your plans)
  • Rear-Facing Mirror Lights
  • Reverse Lights
  • Tail Lights (NOT BRAKES)

If you don’t see the version that you need for your build or specific vehicle, please send us an email at We’re happy to answer any questions!

Which version is best for your build?

The specific versions listed on the Auto Flasher product will include the module, the extension wire needed, and an in-depth install video sent after purchase. You can control the factory light flasher with your factory truck switches or purchase a switch from our online store.

The Naked Auto Flasher version is the module ONLY, and you can wire to your plans. We only recommend this version for experienced installers.

See the Auto Flasher in Action

Please look for the “videos” tab within the Auto Flasher product description to see this factory light flasher in action. You can also see the module used in many of our videos on our YouTube Channel.

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