Custom Automotive Electrical Work - LED Warning & Safety Lighting

Meet Owner, George Fiore - Keeping People Wicked-Safe Since 2000

Having been in the Chicagoland construction trade since 1995, I have an in-depth understanding of the industry's unique needs and challenges. One place where I saw a glaring opportunity for improvement was in the caution lighting used to keep crews and passersby safe.

In 2000, I founded Wicked Warnings to supplement my construction business, with the primary goal of providing better safety to construction crews and people around the jobsites. My vision and expert work garnered business from every corner of the state and both airports as I worked to fill the need for top-grade emergency caution vehicle lighting and safety systems.

Wicked-Fast And Affordable Custom Electrical Work

I have been doing automotive electrical and custom fabrication mentoring under hotrod builders since the age of 10. Because I already had the skills needed for automotive customization, my specialty in auto, truck and SUV custom electrical work made me highly sought after once I launched Wicked Warnings. In 2008, I sold my construction business so that I could follow my lifelong passion and make Wicked Warnings my sole focus.

What makes Wicked Warnings different from other firms that provide safety lighting and uplift services is our ability to perform custom electrical work in a cost-effective and timely manner. Best of all, I actually enjoy the work. Where other shops won't even take on custom electrical work because it is so tedious and time-consuming, it is second-nature to me. Combining these skills with my passion for safety allows us to provide affordable, custom LED warning and safety lighting systems that are far superior to off-the-shelf products.

Expert Knowledge. Personal Service.

One of our customers' top concerns is remaining compliant with local and federal laws that mandate vehicle lighting. With more than 20 years in the construction industry, I have extensive knowledge of various types of jobsites, vehicles, areas served, and what each vehicle needs - and why - to keep people safe and be legally compliant.

When you choose Wicked Warnings, I will personally work on and oversee your project to ensure 100% satisfaction. I will help you understand your legal obligations and propose various products in line with your needs and budget. This personal service allows me to get to know your business and your fleet's needs, and ultimately makes future service and repairs faster and more affordable. 

To learn more and to see why Wicked Warnings should be your first call for safety and emergency lighting systems, contact us today at 630-361-4390 or